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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  January 14, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> greta: we're going to post
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information and they'll appreciate anything you can do to help. thanks for watching.g.g.g.g.g. >> good morning everyone. i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather childers. it is monday january 14th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> it is time for your 5@5:00. top five stories making news at this hour. a new york newspaper's controversial position to name the addresses and names of people with guns may be the reason for a robbery. no one was home at the time of the break in. one of the two suspects has been caught. the editors of the jourm news continue to defend the decision
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to publish the information. many say it would help criminals target certain homes. the flu epidemic has people scrambling for vaccinations. doctors and pharmacies are running out of the flu vaccine for kids ages 6 months to four years says it is sold out. there's word of a shortage for the liquid form of tamiflu which is given to children who have the flu to slow or stop the sympto symptoms. the security details returned fire but the gunman sped off. the incident took place four months after the terror attack on the u.s. cobs lat nsulate be which left four people dead including chris stevens. >> george h.w. bush finally returned home today. jeb bush told the newspaper the 41st president was expected to
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be released from the hospital today. family spokesman was a little more cautious though saying we are hopeful the president can be discharged this wreak but we are taking one day at a time. he was hospitalized in november for bronchitis related calf. it was argo's revenge. >> the golden globe goes to ben affleck, ben affleck. >> he scored a standing ovation for winning best director. the iran hostage thriller won best drama. ben affleck was snubbed for an oscar nomination he paid tribute to the man who made the film. >> represents the clandestine service and foreign service makes sacrifices for us every day. the troops overseas i want to thank them very much.
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>> lincoln star daniel day-lewis took home best actor. best traumatic actress went to jessica chaste teen for zero dark 30. les mis won three globes including best musical or comedy and hugh jackman for best actor he was there even though he has the flu. the golden globes made home land feel right at home. claire danes won best actress. that is your 5@5:00. >> i haven't seen any of those movies. >> today marks one month since the tragic school shooting in newtown, connecticut. vice president joe biden is getting ready to offer his recommendations on curbing gun violence. kelly wright is live with more of what's happening today. good morning heather. just like you said joe biden is preparing to present recommendations for the president to deal with the issue
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of gun violence in america. the president wants to prevent more school massacres like the one that happened exactly one month ago at sandy took in new town, connecticut. tighter control on assault weapons as well as high capacity magazines that hold 30 rounds or more plus universal background checks. a lifelong member of the nra, national rifle association supports such a measure. i want to know and hear from them why do you have a magazine and need a larger magazine? you can't just push the nra away and law abiding gun owners away you have to be at the table and find out what the preference is of protect that go. >> the nra believes the root of the problem is mental illness. it is pushing for a measure to keep those gun owns out of hands
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of people. >> there's no way to spot these problems. some of the most horrendous of the mass murders including the one in newtown would not have been stopped a background check. the gun is stolen. the person has no prior criminal record. >> he believes it would not get any support or get past but the president promises full use of his offices to put something in place that would address america meaning they could use a grant to offer tougher measures. >> hotly debated issues. thank you very much kelly wright. >> a tale of two temperatures warm in the east and a winter chill in the west. philadelphia people taking advantage of the strange weather. no jackets some even wearing shorts. it was around 60 degrees there this weekend.
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>> meanwhile in california temperatures around there hovering around freezing threatening to damage crops. let's go to maria molina for your first degree weather update. >> i think mother nature is all mixed up what's happening? >> it has been strange. we have been seeing a snow drought over the midwest. you are seeing more snow or a lack of it. strange weather pattern. part of the reason we are seeing cold air is we have a big dip in the jet stream. it bottles up over canada and going southward. it is in places such as southern california. we have a jet stream off to the north that allows the warmer air to go northward producing the average temperatures. there is a change coming up. by thursday the cold air across the west is headed eastbound and we are seeing much colder temperatures more january like across places in the northeast. i hope everybody enjoyed it.
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you have one more day. 60 degrees in raleigh and atlanta. 60 in tampa. west ward that's where the cold air is your current temperature not windchill but actual thermometer temperature is 4 below zero in denver 2 below in rapid city. very chilly high temperatures in the teens. in denver 21 will be the high. 12 over in minneapolis. very warm southeast 80s in tampa. 55 will be the high temperature in new york city. we are dealing with a cold front headed eastbound with shower from the southeast up to the northeast. we have poor visibility and misty conditions. dense fog in new york city along the i 95 corridor. >> felt like that this morning a little wet. >> thank you very much maria. we will check back. now to stories you can bank on this morning.
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are you possibly cutting back because you are paycheck tax hike. lauren simonetti joins us with more on this. most americans buy tomorrow will have experienced this hit in their paycheck. >> already 134 million americans are feeling the 2 percentage point increase in the social security tax. that's expect to do drum up 125 billion in revenue for the government this year. but it's likely already eating away at your disposable income trips to the movies and restaurants brands you are buying at the food store. the increase means american families have this much less to spend this year $354 for those living at the level. the average income being 64,000. 2400 for those making
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$1,134,000. >> we were not aware that was going to happen. >> something people can't avoid buying gas. gas prices have increased. >> backup. on october 5th gasoline average 3.46. it fell $0.58 that stopped the average price $3.32. that's an crease of $0.07 in two weeks. they are starting to pass on the higher cost of crude oil. prices will go up until the next few weeks until they possibly go back down. the weather gets nicer people start driving more. >> then they go back up again. >> it always happens that way. >> seems they are always up. >> a muscle car. when you think about muscle cars you tend to think about gas guzzlers through there's a new corvette and it seems to be more efficient. >> this is a 2014 stingray. a special preview calling it the
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best corvette ever. it's the new version in nearly a decade it is the most powerful aside from limited edition models. also fuel efficient. between 15 now and 113,000 dollars. they are trying to cater to a younger client. >> from the 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds. >> under 4 seconds. >> i love that car. i want that car. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. see you back here tomorrow. >> the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up he uses hooks for hands. ng that wife of this accused her husband can't rubrush his hr while he's behind bars on terror charges. plus we told you to walk the way with the golden globes. who are the winners and losers on the red carpet.
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>> 14 after the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. bosch attempts to rescue a hostage in somalia. we had a limited role in the raid. that means the hostage one soldier and 17 militants were killed during the raid. new set backs were told to be the jet of the future for boeing. dreamliners bringing a second fuel leak in tokyo. the plane which has been grounded was being inspected
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after spilling fuel on a boston runway. >> patty ann dealing with vaccine shortages as they scramble to get the flu shots into the widespread outbreak. they had a public emergency allowing pharmacies to give the vaccine to kids. she is live in new york city with the details. good torning to you. seems this year's flu season the panic especially in new york city really began. they are seeing such a spike in flu seasons. what this allows pharmacies to do is to be able to administer the vaccine the flu vaccine to kids. tho those six months of age or older.
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they are getting the vaccines being turned away. a lot of these technicians are pharmacies are not trained anser fied to be able to administer the vaccine. the other a major run on the flu shot. people every where are trying to get it. there is not enough to go around. there will be shipments of this this moirpg and farm t morning pharmacies are shifting it around. >> teresa reporting live for us. thank you. >> it is time to brew on this. here's what we would like to brew on today. a hard hitting question. all eyes in hollywood last night on the kickoff to the award season. the golden globes not just about the awards also about the fashions. >> what are you wearing? >> there were definite winners and losers when it came to the red carpet which brings us to our brew on this question of the
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day. who was hot and who was not last night. >> send us your comments. you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or e-mail we will read some of them later in the show. coming up next on the rundown do you feel free when it comes to your money? if you don't you are not alone. the frightening new rankings which gives a whole new mean to go the term regulation nation. >> people flocking to florida to cash in. but it's not a lottery it's a massive python hunt. .so as you s customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty.
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>> the hunt is on in florida for pythons. hundreds of people from 32 states were joining the 2013 python challenge. it helps curb the population of snakes in the err gladz. whoever bags 1,000 pythons gets 100 bucks. >> whoever catches the most gets the most. >> her husband's treatment in a new york prison. she's angry because they won't let him who has a hook for a right hand comb his hair. he was extradite to do new york
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from britain on 11 terror related charges. heritage foundation and wall street journal are out for 2013 index of economically free countries. they control his or her own labor and property. how did the united states rank? here now to break it down is san tr sandra smith from fox business network. the united states dropped to 10 from where it was. we have a full screen where we can show you the top ten countries. hong kong is number wivenlt drop it why? >> you are looking at what was behind the rankings. it was ruled law government and open market. economic freedom declines five straits years in undeveloped
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countries. only two countries have seen that. a lot of the problem out there has been regulations like the united states. that is number one through our decline. >> analyzing why the u.s. dropped kwef a quote from the editor ambassador terry miller who has no freedom slow down around the world on the lack of u.s. leadership. he goes on to say protectionism has resulted in higher costs and restrictions apply the u.s. still driving the u.s. economy. >> this is a big problem. big problem for driving businesses out of the united states. one of the most shocking things i thought was that europe and that office condition is narrowing the gaps to the united states as far as their economic freedom.
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sweden. another way, germany. this is where a lot of businesses want to go to duck business. they are leaving the united states in many cases. also switzerland only consider three economic freedom country in the world. grease again mostly unfreed according to the raifrngings. the most shocking thing is the united states continues to fall in the rankings. the overall trend however is some good news. there is good news here. economic freedom seems to be increasing. bad news for us at home is a lot of businesses may be taking here. we need them to keep people from being greedy and corrupt and whatnot. >> i think a big part of this study was government spending. in the overall global improvements we have seen in
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economic freedom is people are cutting back in spending. that's improving overall globally. government spend aka taxes. part of the heritage foundation's definition of economic freedom is the ability to invest your money however you want and hold on to your money. limited government was always one of the factors in the study. still very, very strong with protectionism is an issue the united states is facing. they are competitive in the global economic environment. it's not just about the u.s. any more. it's a very global marketplace we need to remain competitive. the rankings show we are slipping behind a little bit. we are still topping the world still a top ten but it's a
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struggling environment for us right now. >> barely top 10. sandra smith, fox business networks. 25 after the hour. still to come obama care was supposed to cut costs for healthcare to all. now we are finding another hidden fee that insurance companies will be charging you to pay for someone else. plus a teacher is told to remove a ronald reagan quote from her classroom because it could be offensive to her students. we will explain. first on this day in history in 1954 joe dimaggio marries marilyn monroe. if you think running a restaurant is hard, try running four. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do
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>> he could not be here tonight because he is no longer technically in show business. we want to show you we have no intention of being edgy or defensive. as ricky learned a hard way when you run afoul of the press they make you host the show more than two times. >> haven't been following zero dark 30 i tore fewer for those who torture james cameron's wife. >> the life of psy which is what i call six weeks after i take this dress off.
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>> okay. >> very funny ladies hosting last night. welcome back to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am fatty ann brown. >> it is 30e minutes after the hour. it is time for the top five at 5:30. kay ross breaking out as thousands try to get their hands on housing vouchers in michigan. >> next thing you know the lights go out. they are going to cancel it. >> we were out here all season. pregnant women. it was unfair. >> the crowd kept on growing and when the vouchers were ready to be distributed they stormed the door. organizers had to shut the event down. people started fighting even throwing chairs. four people in all were arrested but police say no one was injured. >> bhount after the tragic people in newtown connecticut are debating what should happen to the sandy hook school
2:33 am
shooting. they should never set foot with the children again. others wanted to renovate the area where 26 other people lost their lives. >> it is a memorial to all of the people that were destroyed that day. >> knocking down the school would be knocking down the children of all of the children that went there. down officials will meet privately to get their opinion. a new york public schoolteacher who advises a school bible study club is fighting back after the district fighted to fire her if she didn't remove religious materials from her classroom. among the items a quote from the new testament the other from ronald reagan. joelle silver is suing the school. >> as a christian and as an american it is incredibly important to fight to protect the right that people have died to give me. >> the district for their part
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spoke with a legal counsel lower and constitutional expert before telling silver to remove the poster. a powerful two alarm fire ripped right through the bell road search of the nas reason in nashville, tennessee. from the tragedy there was hope. two firefighters saved the church's cross from the rebel and carried it away from the smoke. >> people rally in moments like this. there's an energy that comes. there's a unity that comes that sometimes doesn't exist except in the wake of a tragedy like this. no one was when the fire broke out. >> it was a night full of surprises at the golden globes. the 42nd president of the united states, bill clinton. >> former president bill clinton is taking the stage.
2:35 am
another president steven spielberg's lincoln. daniel day-lewis the oscar favorite at the globe. >> the golden globe goes to... argo. >> ben affleck's argo scoring major wins for best drama and best director. another shocker from lifetime achievement award winner jodie foster. she strongly suggested that she was calling it quits from acting. >> this feels like the end of one era and the beginning of something else. scary and exciting. now what? well, i will never be up on the stage again on any stage for that matter. change, you got to love it. >> maybe not, though. she later reversed course and says she has no plans to retire. little confusing there. >> a look at the red carpet winners. that is your 5@5:30.
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>> vice president joe biden is getting ready to make recommendations on how to reduce gun violence. doug luzader is live in washington with that. the nra says new gun control laws that ban weapons are not going to happen. we will see. if it is a growing consensus it will ab congressional battle. the vice president spent the later part of the week voting for and against new gun control laws. gun rights groups including the nra think their ranks of supporters in congress will hold strong. >> i will say the likelihood is they are not going to be able to get an assault weapon to be answered this time. >> a proponent of swift action in the wake of the sandy hook school shooting takes momentum on their side.
2:37 am
beyond the republican opposition the obama administration will have to sell any of these ideas to democrats some of whom are banning weapons including violence in the media and video games. if you just pinpoint whether it's the magazines or whatever you have a harder time getting through the political process we have today. what policy will the administration ensue will have a harder time when they present the policy recommendation through the president. heather and patty ann. >> doug luzader in washington, thanks. it is time for a look at one of the gun owners at the journal news has been robbed. >> the 70-year-old homeowners gun safe. they are investigating whether the connection between the newspaper's report and the robber he is motive.
2:38 am
>> it brings us to our look who's talking and it was judge jeanine pirro firing back tore publishing the gun owners including her own. >> you think it's important to out us in the aftermath of the newtown shooting. how dare you connect law abiding citizens who have gone through rigorous background checks who have been finger printed and received judicial approval to exercise their second amendment right. how dare you compare them to a nut job on the lunatic fringe in desperate need of medication plying violent video games for dies at a time. how dare you compare him to battered women in hiding to the families of police officers and to judges and da's like me. this animal massacred innocent babies. he didn't have a pistol permit. he didn't go through a rigorous background check to get a pistol permit. he took someone else's gun. and by the way, although it's
2:39 am
none of your business, there is a reason people have guns. we don't need your sank mo sant why yous permission. you pry into our lives an put our privacy and security and safety in jeopardy and then you have nothing to say? how about i say it for you. you are nothing but a bunch of cowards unwilling to defend yourselves frozen in fear. you screwed up, period, end of story. >> do not want to make the judge angry. the peop judge njeanine will be on fox ad friends today at 8:20 to talk about the lathes on this story. >> that will be interesting. >> a little fired up. before you leave the house let's
2:40 am
get the weather update with maria molina. >> which had a -- we had a tornado maximum sustained winds at 120 miles per hour. severe weather. flooding across portions of the south and the temperature pattern very strange. looking at very cold air across the west in two-thirds of the country. 55 will be the high temperature in new york city from places these temperatures more than 15 degrees above what's average for this time of the year. looking also at some very dense fog across the i 45 corridor. boston looking at dense fog new york city in philadelphia. snod yr not just this morning but eastbound across weather across the northeast. areas will be looking at heavier
2:41 am
rain. flooding possible over the next couple days. >> maria molina. thanks. now it is time toent tan this. it may have been a chilly night in california but the stars were heating up the red carpet at the golden globes. a lot of black-and-white. one of the best dressed jennifer low rens. check out home land's claire danes. she stunned in versache one month after giving birth by the way. megyn fox shocking looking amazing in this strapless gown. gave birth to her son back in september. we want to know your thoughts on who was hot and who was not on the red carpet last night. >> now time for your starting lineup top sports stories talk about a roller-coaster ride seattle coming back from a 20
2:42 am
point deficit. they go with a second hail mary. atlanta wins. pate yos one whi -- patriots on away. they beat the texans. the time 41 after the hour. still ahead everyone is being forced to get health insurance or pay a fee. now it turns out obama care has more hidden secrets for taxpayers. do you want to know what it is like to be a prince or princess? it may be more of a cinderella story than a fairy tale.
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>> insurance companies say there has to be a mandate to make it cost effective. we have story. >> the affordable care act may get beefed up even more if insurance companies get their way. it is key to making the new law work by offsetting the cost to help six people as well. the penalty for not getting insurance is $95 or one percent of the income. in 2015 it will be $325 or two percent of your income. still much less than the cost of insurance. at those rates many healthy people will on the to forego insurance especially since they know if they get sick down the road they will not be turned away. all of the extra six people entering the system in the if he cans six years will send premiums from sky rocketing. it imposes late enrollment fees
2:47 am
to limiting what late comers can choose from or how frequently they sign up. enough is extended for young healthy people especially when coupled with strong outreach and enrollment campaign expressing general coverage is available and people can get subsidies to help fpay for it. health and human services asked in november for suggestions on additional strategies to avoid or minimize disruption of timely enrollment in 2013678 it is not out of the question but hhs won't say whether it's actively considering these measures patti ann. we will have to wait to see if they get put in place or not. time right now 46 after the hour. next on the rundown it's a bird it's a plain. two frightening collisions in the sky at one of the nation's busiest airports. >> are you one of the thousands of people fighting a cold right now. your mother might say drink your oj. have you heard that patsy ann? -- patti ann?
2:48 am
you may be separating fact to fiction when it comes to a cold. >> let's see what's happening on fox and friends. >> i am using and sanitizer. you reminded me it's the cold and flu season. remember we have been telling you about how a newspaper in suburban new york published the list of 35,000 legal gun owners people said it's a dumb idea. sounds like one of the people whose names and addresses was in the list has been burglarized. the bad guys were looking for the guns. >> a big python hunt in florida. detroit city for the annual auto show. find out what you are going to be driving next year today when fox and friends kicks off. [ indistinct shouting ]
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: off for the bahamas. the same thing happened saturday. the jetblue flight headed to the dominican republic. in england the most famous couple is hiring a housekeeper. with baby on the way they are doing laundry running errands and keeping the palace clean. >> we are in prime flu and cold season but there are a lot of remedy rumors out there about what helps you heal faster. we uncover flu myths now we are tackling colds. mark seigel from the medical a
2:53 am
team has the fact verses the fiction. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, too. we heard anti by to tbiotics hea cold. is that true? >> that is a myth. they only help you against bacteria. bacteria are one thing viruses are something else. this is virals. we are seeing the flu which is a virus. common cold is the virus. norovirus in your stomach these are viruses. antibiotics have no effect on them. when you have a virus like the flu you can get a bacteria, too, a strep throat or sinus infection then you can use them. >> something you heard from your grandma chicken noodle soup. eat some chicken soup to help cure the cold. >> that's a fact. i love chicken soup. chicken soup is an antiinflammatory a decongestant. warms up your throat when you are sick. gives you fluids that you need.
2:54 am
chicken soup home run grandma was right. >> sometimes that's all you feel like eating anyway. vitamin c myth or fact? >> vitamin c is a myth. everyone thinks vitamin c is all you need for a common cold. the truth is they decrease the risk of you getting the common cold. once you have it it won't make you better. one vitamin i think is under known for this is vitamin d. vitamin d is the super vitamin for cold and flu. that helps your immune system gives you a super immune response and can decrease your severity. vitamin d not c. >> glass of milk with your chicken nude ep soup. >> zinc fact or fiction? >> zinc is a fact. zinc actually decreases the viruses the flu and the cold from lodgeing in your throat and nose. so it can decrease your risk of getting sick and it can get you fast better faster -- you get better faster but the problem with zinc it can give you nausea and gi symptoms.
2:55 am
>> how do you sake zinc? is it tablet form? >> they have it in a tablet form or mist. most of the time people get it through a spray. >> humidity fact or fiction? >> fact. humidity is important for cold. humidfiers are important. here is why. nasal membranes are supposed to be moist. in the winter they get dried out. flus and colds march in. if you can get the humidity back you can prevent the cold from coming in in the fist place and you get better faster. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. separating fact from fiction. >> we are there. >> the time is 54 after the top of the hour. still ahead a race horse jockeying for position after setting off on its own track. watch out for the horse in the fast lane. and it is your last chance to answer our question of the day. we wanted to know when you thought was hot or not on the red carpet at last night's golden globes. reading your e-mails up next:
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>> two minutes till the top of the hour. let's look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. the good, a happy reunion between a soldier and his dog. this soldier just came home from a year in afghanistan. as you can see, his doing jasmine, can't contain her excitement. next the bad: that is a horse running loose along a maryland highway. his name is bullet catcher. he reportedly threw off his jockey and somehow made it past the stable gates. he ran almost two miles before being caught. he had some scrapes on his feet but is otherwise okay. finally, the ugly: people all over the world stripping to their


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